Lucky Lion – Portland’s Premier Marijuana Dispensary

Lucky Lion is a leading marijuana dispensary located in Portland, Oregon, on the corner of 148th & Powell. Since their opening in 2019, Lucky Lion has become a trusted destination for both medical and recreational marijuana users.

The team at Lucky Lion strives to provide the highest quality customer service and personalized product recommendations. Their knowledgeable team of budtenders have expert knowledge of the various marijuana products available and can help customers find the products that are the best fit for them. Lucky Lion is committed to helping customers understand the potential health benefits associated with cannabis in order to make informed decisions.

In addition to providing customers with top-notch products, Lucky Lion also offers a variety of unique experiences. These include events such as yoga classes and cannabis education workshops. Through these experiences, Lucky Lion strives to create a positive and welcoming environment for cannabis users.

Lucky Lion is dedicated to providing their customers with the best cannabis experience in all of Portland. They offer a wide selection of flower, edibles, oil cartridges, and more. Plus, they provide a convenient online ordering system that makes it easy for customers to shop from the comfort of their own homes.

For those looking for the best cannabis products and experiences in Portland, look no further than Lucky Lion. Visit to explore their selection and find the perfect products for you.

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