Lucky Lion – A Portland, Oregon Cannabis Dispensary

Lucky Lion is a cannabis dispensary located in Portland, Oregon. Founded in 2020, Lucky Lion specializes in providing customers with high-quality cannabis products. The store is located on 162nd & Sandy, near several other local businesses, providing customers with easy access to the store. Lucky Lion is committed to providing a safe and comfortable environment for customers to purchase their cannabis products.

The store has a wide variety of cannabis products, including flowers, edibles, concentrates, and topicals. Customers can also purchase cannabis-related accessories such as pipes, bongs, and vaporizers. Customers can also find a selection of CBD products at Lucky Lion. To ensure the high quality of all its products, Lucky Lion sources its products from local producers and distributors.

To ensure that customers have a great experience, Lucky Lion offers knowledgeable and helpful staff that are available to answer questions and provide advice on how to best use the products. The store also offers a loyalty program for customers, where they can earn points on every purchase they make.

The store is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for customers. Lucky Lion has strict security protocols in place to ensure the safety of everyone in the store. They also have a strict age verification process to ensure that only those over 21 can purchase cannabis products.

From providing a wide selection of high-quality cannabis products to a knowledgeable and helpful staff, Lucky Lion is committed to helping customers find the perfect cannabis product for their needs. With its convenient location and commitment to providing a safe and secure environment, Lucky Lion is the perfect place to purchase cannabis products in Portland, Oregon.

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