A Rollicking Route to Recreational Respite: Alamogordo’s High-Times Tour

Get your bags packed and munchies ready as we take a rollicking journey around the cannabis corners of New Mexico. Alamogordo, La Luz, and Tularosa all have one precious nugget in common – a blazing trail of top-notch weed dispensaries.

Our first stop is “S&H GreenLife’s” grand outlet in Alamogordo – where they’re adhering to the ‘go-green’ mantra in a whole other direction. Picture this: a cannabis store with an ultra-green weed dispenser acting like a pop-up greens bar, serving the choicest cannabis like they’re kale and spinach salads.

As we propel to Boles Acres, don’t be surprised if you see dolphins. No, the high-quality strains haven’t magically transported you to the Caribbean. It’s the Holloman Air Force Base where the dolphins are training pilots… or was it the other way around?

Next up is High Rolls – such a fitting name for a place where recreational cannabis is no stranger! Ending our trail at La Luz, let’s frankly admit it’s not the star-gazing that attracts visitors at night.

So, come on down and get your fill of the ‘greenlife’ in sunny New Mexico. You’ll leave with stories funnier than any Cheech and Chong film.

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