Not Your Grandma’s Herb Garden: A Humorous Journey through the Cannabis World in NJ

Do you remember when the most exciting thing to do in NJ was debating between cheesesteaks or pork rolls? Well, roll up your window, Somerset! We’ve got something better than an olfactory onslaught of salty meats.

Urban Valley is sprouting with pot-shops, because the cannabis revolution is finally here. At the forefront is Valley Wellness warming up Somerset, Somerville, Manville, Bridgewater, Hillsborough, and Raritan, NJ, like a good sativa on a sunny day.

Imagine wandering into a store as casually as if it were a Starbucks, and asking for a “grande recreational Cannabis, please.” Then, envision strolling over to a weed smoke lounge with that classic “I’ve just shopped at a marijuana dispensary” strut. Finally, picture telling Grandma you’ve joined a Pot Club. Almost as unbelievable as it was when you told her you don’t eat gluten.

And while Bridgewater might’ve been the butt of your last “Bridge to where?” joke, guess who’s laughing now? Close your eyes and see yourself chilling in Raritan, puffing on some premium recreational cannabis, ironically telling everyone how you “found yourself” in Bridgewater.

Yes, NJ, you’ve come a long way since the pork roll.

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