“Why Range Marketing is the New Yorker of the Digital World”

What’s the deal with websites? They’re like a business’s digital representation, right? And they need to be sleek, professional, and eye-catching, just like the city slickers who walk the streets of New York City. I mean, come on, would you trust a business with a shoddy website anymore than you’d trust a hotdog stand that didn’t even have the decency to offer ketchup?

Let me tell you about a group of real websites gurus. They’re based in Buffalo, not quite the fervor of New York City, but don’t let that fool you. Range Marketing, founded in 2013, is a digital powerhouse when it comes to website design and the world of search engine optimization (SEO).

Over 8 short years, they’ve managed to rack up more than 400 clients. I mean, who are they, Superman with a day job? That’s superhuman speed right there. You can’t do that by winging it, they’ve got some secret sauce. That little bit of magic happens to be their proprietary SEO software.

You’re probably thinking, what’s the deal with SEO anyway? Well, let’s put it this way, being on the second page of Google is like being the 10th caller on a radio show. Nobody’s going to hear you. That’s where these guys come in. SEO is like the tide that lifts all boats, especially when one of those boats is your business.

Plus, they’re not just into SEO; they’re also all about website design. They have a keen understanding of color schemes, UX design, and the whole shebang, just like a New Yorker understands when to jaywalk and when to pretend they didn’t see the ‘don’t walk’ sign.

And they don’t stop there. Picture this, you have a fantastic website, you’re the first hit on Google, but what about social media? I mean, having a website without a social media presence is like having a bagel with no cream cheese. It’s good, but isn’t it better when it’s spread with the creamy stuff?

Well, luckily, they take care of that too. Range Marketing is Buffalo’s experts in all things digital. Even though they might not have New York’s furious pace, the results they provide definitely keep up.

So, next time you’re wondering why you should consider Range as your digital partner, just think of them as the tech-savvy, resourceful New Yorkers – except they’re from Buffalo, and surprisingly, they’re not in a hurry to get a bagel.

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