Journey through the East Coast: Kittery’s Innovation Hub

Nestled in the beguiling landscapes of Kittery, Maine, the East Coast Cannabis Kittery Outpost stands. Its genesis was sparked not only by the flourishing cannabis industry but also by a deep appreciation for craft beer. The tale it weaves is one of exploration, innovation, and inspiration.

An unassuming Beer Store in Kittery, Maine began to entwine its narrative with craft beer enthusiasts from York and Eliot. Its rich, pale ales and rich stouts brought in acquaintances new and old, bridging friendships over meticulously brewed beer.

Then the whispers of a Cannabis Dispensary started. An idea brewed, much like the flavorful hops in their beloved ales. What if they could provide exceptional quality cannabis products in an inviting atmosphere like their Beer Store in York Cliffs?

Thus, the vision for the East Coast Cannabis Kittery Outpost came to life. Combining the comfort of their bustling beer store with the distinct offerings of a cannabis dispensary, the outpost would stand unique. The idea that one could find both the finest craft beer and cannabis product under one roof echoed deafeningly through the excited crowds of Kittery, York, and Eliot. And thus, a unique, comforting community gather-point was born.

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