Can Dog Eat Honey?Is honey good for dogs

Often, novice dog experts wonder: is it possible to give honey to dogs? After all, it is well known that sweet for our four-legged friends is very harmful and it is better not to introduce them to such food at all. The only obstacle for the pet to eat the product is possible food allergies. However, experts believe that it is well absorbed by the body and rarely leads to allergic manifestations.

How honey is useful for dogs

Honey is not just sweetness, but a useful substance, both for people and for four-footed. It is a product with a high concentration of vitamins, enzymes, nutrients and minerals. It contains in large quantities:

  • Glucose
  • Fructose
  • Organic acids.
  • Minerals
  • Vitamins

Due to its composition, this product has primarily an immunomodulatory effect, tones and strengthens the body, has a beneficial effect on the state of the nervous system, increases resistance to infectious diseases.

Thanks to this natural substance in the diet of four-legged, especially young, you can avoid adding to the food artificial additives. The dog can be given a little treat during the period of growth, with intense physical exertion, diseases. It has a very beneficial effect on the health of a pregnant bitch – she is more easily tolerated and her offspring is born strong and healthy. You can give it to puppies – nutrients stimulate the growth and rapid development of young organisms. If you give it in adulthood, it will contribute to the extension of life.

How to give honey to a dog?

To teach this product, the dog honey is given at first in small portions. Experts advise – for 1 time the dose should not exceed 1-2 drops. After 1 dose, you need to observe if your pet is allergic. If a negative reaction has not occurred, the volume of the product must be calculated on the basis of weight. Representatives of small breeds need 1-2 drops, for large doses it can reach 2 tbsp. l

Is it possible for dogs to have pure honey? Experts do not recommend this. It is best to stir it in dairy products. If cottage cheese is present in the dog’s diet, you need to add a treat to it. This is especially useful for small dogs and puppies.

If the owner gives the pet milk, you need to dissolve the treat in it. For adults, it is acceptable to add honey to medicinal decoctions (thyme, chamomile).

It is better for the puppy to dissolve the honey in warm milk; an adult dog can be dissolved in warm broth of medicinal herbs: chamomile, thyme. Also, honey is useful for pregnant and lactating bitches, but not more than half a teaspoon of kneading in cottage cheese to improve immunity. At the same time, starting to give the dog honey, you need to do it gradually, carefully tracking the manifestation of a possible allergic reaction.

Experienced dog breeders recommend feeding adult pets with sweetness 2 times a week for the purpose of prevention. Puppies need to give it daily before changing teeth.

Therefore, when asked whether honey can be given to dogs, the specialists answer unequivocally: it is very useful for the body of the four-legged friend. It is important to comply with the dosage and in no case exceed it.

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