Can Dogs Eat Cherries? it is acceptable for your dog?

Cherry is a delicious fruit, full of vitamins and healthy fibers. Cherries contain vitamin A, C, fiber, antioxidants, melatonin, and many other beneficial nutrients. Usually we humans love to eat cherries but the question arises here is that, can dogs eat cherries?

Dogs can eat many fruits and vegetables as they give health benefits to the dogs. But for dogs, the cherries are somewhat unhealthy. The reason is that the cherries contain some compounds which are not suitable for the health of dogs, so it’s a better choice to avoid giving cherries to your dogs.

Why are cherries unhealthy for dogs?

The pits, stems, and leaves of cherries contain the cyanide compound which has much danger for the digestive system of the dogs. This cyanide releases poison in the body. The cyanide causes the intestinal blockage which leads to a severe problem for digesting the food.

The cyanide poisoning causes severe issues like vomiting, loss of appetite, constipation and decreased fecal production. The dog starts feeling weakness after eating cherries, and usually, he becomes sluggish. When the dogs consume the pits, you’ll observe that the dogs will feel decreased breathing, red gums and dilated pupils.

However, you can feed your dog without the pits. You will see that the dog will not suffer any dizziness or other health issues. So it’s better to skip cherries or feed without pits.

Cherries have a large amount of natural sugars present in them and can give negative effects to the dogs who suffer from allergies. The dogs with allergies undergo the problems of the stomach like constipation, diarrhea after eating the cherries.

Precautionary steps to do if your dog eats pits of cherries

Eating one or two cherries doesn’t cause much damage to the gastrointestinal functions of the dog. Usually, the cyanide poisoning is very less of one or two cherries to give the intestinal blockage.

But when the dog consumes a large number of cherries, then the cyanide poisoning is much high in number to cause disturbance overall. The cyanide poisoning is responsible for having the dilated pupils, difficulty breathing, bleeding of gums, loss of hunger, constipation, diarrhea, vomiting, and dizziness.

In this case, it’s better to keep an eye over 24 hours to your dog. Maybe after 24 hours, he starts feeling better as the vomiting will remove away all the cyanide poison. But the condition can be severe as well. Go to the vet to have a proper checkup of your dog.

How can cherries be given to Dogs?

In case if you want to serve cherries to your dog, then you should use the unprocessed cherries as the raw cherries are full of healthy fibers and vitamins so there less chances of any damage except the use of pit.

Unprocessed cherries are free from all the acids, artificial flavors or other items that are quite dangerous for the stomach of your dog. While serving the cherries always remove the pits, leaves, and stem of the cherries.

You can serve different kinds of fresh cherries to the dogs like bing, Rainier and black cherries. It is better to avoid maraschino cherries because they contain a lot of sugar in them. This sugar is responsible for various health issues like diabetes, stomach upset and obesity. Apart from all the cautions, only serve a few numbers of cherries to the dogs.

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