Can Dogs Eat Coconut? coconut oil use as a food for dog health-

-Did you really think you were going to eat all that by yourself?-

The diet that any living organism takes gives a very strong impact on it’s life span, health socially, mentally and physically as well. It is very important to take good and nutritious diet and give it to our pets as well by consulting it with the vets.

Coconut and dogs are very much interconnected as coconuts and especially the coconut oil is considered to be one of the best diets that a dog can have although excess intake of anything is not good so a balanced amount of it should be given to your dog.

Giving coconut oil to your dogs is very much encouraged and supported but what about the coconut flesh? The answer is yes! But don’t forget to remove it’s shell as it can stuck in it’s esophagus and cause blockage and troubles to breathe.

Advantage Of Giving Coconut To Dogs:

While talking about the advantages the nature has kept in coconuts for dogs is that it helps to decrease any kind of inflammation in it’s body which further helps to heal wounds and cuts faster. Coconut helps it’s body to resist from viruses e.g influenza.

Considering it biologically coconuts help the immune system of dogs to boost and work faster than before. It is because it contains high level of antioxidants that strengthens it and helps to fight against microorganisms like fungi. It resists the parasites to attack on them which means coconut supports it’s defense system.

Coconut helps control critical diseases like diabetes, cancer and even help control thyroid gland, so what’s the reason of not giving it!

Now coming one towards the most important thing no matter which organism it is, the skin! Coconut helps to improve your skin conditions. It helps to normalize dog skin from dry and itchy skin to nice fluffy and smooth skin. Coconut oil can also be applied to give a better effect which in-turn provides a healthy, soft skin layer adding shine and glow to it as well.

So if your dog does not like coconut to eat every time you can apply it’s oil to the dog which plays a role of moisturizer and nourishes the skin and even helps to soothe any sort of cut or wound.

Usually dogs like to have coconut and coconut oil, considering it to be a candy loving it’s texture and taste. If not you can add it’s oil to the dogs food keeping it a secret.

The question that arises now is that what quantity of it should be given? This depends on the type and size of the dog you are having. But according to Dr.Morse a daily portion of one-eight, one-fourth or a teaspoon should be given to dogs.

Problems That Can Occur While Giving Coconut:

At times over dosing can cause negative side effects some of which include;

  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Weight gain
  • Lack of appetite and energy
  • Bloating
  • Stomach ache
  • Greasy stools


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