Can Dogs Eat Eggplant? Benefits-safety measures-how much to give to your dog?

Dogs are an intelligent animal that doesn’t just take care of you, and your belongings rather dog become your best friend, your companion that remains loyal with you till its last breath. When your dog loves you so much, then you should also return the favor by taking care of all its needs and requirements. What you give to your dog to eat can affect its health in both negative and positive ways. It’s because the dog’s digestion system is entirely different from ours. There are many eatables that we human can digest but dogs cant, and there are some that we both can digest. Here in this post, we will discuss Can dogs eat Eggplant?

Is eggplant good for dogs?

Eggplant comes with immense health perks. It is good for dogs unless it doesn’t have other health issues. You can give it to your dog but make sure you should cook eggplant properly.

Can dogs eat eggplant?

Eggplant is another name for brinjal, it is a delicious vegetable, and many people love to consume it. As far as dogs are concerned then yes dogs can eat eggplant, some dogs are allergic to eggplant.

Is it safe and beneficial for dogs?

It is safe for dogs, yet it cannot suit to every dog because to some dogs eating eggplant can be allergic, so before you feed your dog egg-plant make sure it doesn’t have issues of allergy. If your dog isn’t allergic, then you can benefit it by feeding eggplant because eggplant contains vitamins and minerals in it. Keeping in mind, you should never overfeed your dog either with eggplant or with any other food item.

Eggplant can prevent many diseases, but the problem arises when your dog goes through kidney problems, in this condition eating eggplant can be very harmful to your dog. It is safe unless your dog isn’t suffering from any inflammation issues, for instance, arthritis. To figure out whether your dog is allergic to eggplant you need to see if your dog is suffering from vomiting, itchiness, and diarrhea.

How much should you feed eggplant to your dog?

Feed a little quantity of eggplant to your dog, don’t give it in larger proportions, it’s because this vegetable ‘eggplant’ belongs to the category that labeled as ‘nightshade vegetables’ and to eat it in larger quantity can be disturbing for dogs, so little plain proportions of eggplant will be good for the health of your dog. Make sure never combine garlic with bridal while giving it to your dog it could be problematic

Finally, we can answer can dogs eat eggplant with yes, because it’s not dangerous, all you need to take care of is your dog’s health condition.

Monitor your dog keenly whenever you are up to adding something new in its menu, keep tabs on its condition, how it feels and reacts after consuming the food. Feed your dog what suits it and in a moderate way.

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