Can Dogs Eat Kiwi? Fruits for dogs: which can be Given

Dog owners all the time had to ask whether they could give fruit to dogs or not. And the answer to this question of specialists is yes. Indeed, dogs can and even should be given fruit, but not in large quantities and only those that are safe and do not harm the dog.

Those vitamins and minerals that the dog gets when eating food, it can get and eat fruits or vegetables.

Fruits contain fiber and glucose, because of this it is necessary to introduce them into the dog’s diet, especially when the dog is on natural feeding. Of course, you should not make fruits the main part of the diet, since fruits should be only a small part of it. Also, some of the fruit in use can contribute to the disruption of the health of the dog.

Fruits That Are Safe

Apple (Green)

This fruit is the most common and safe for dogs. Moreover, it is available almost everywhere. Apple affects the improvement of digestion and is a rich source of vitamin C. The sizes of servings for dogs, of course, are different. For small dogs, a pair of sliced ​​slices, and for large dogs, half an apple.


Fruit is useful and safe for dogs that have no peculiarities in digestion. Before use, the peel of the fetus must be removed and also get rid of the bones. Experts do not recommend eating this fruit to animals that have diabetes, as papaya contains a sufficiently large amount of sugar. Papaya has the ability to improve digestion, as well as the treatment of various disorders in the stomach. Many shops sell special pills for dogs that contain papaya nutrients. They are usually given as a vitamin supplement.

It is also worth noting that over feeding papaya can lead to constipation.

Kiwi – Can Dog Eat Kiwi?

It is recommended to use this fruit only in very small quantities, as well as to choose those varieties that are not too sweet. Many pets refuse kiwi and turn up their noses from it. This is a normal reaction, as these dogs have their own characteristics in digestion, which are not digested by the minerals that are in kiwi.

Kiwi! A circle of kiwi fruit will give a pet a portion of vitamin C and valuable fruit acids. Allowed no more than one circle in 2-3 weeks for a medium-sized dog.


Melon is perfect for dogs to quench their thirst. In principle, this is the only feature of this fruit, since there are no special useful elements in it. Melon is perfect for eating when a dog has just come from the street, but it is impossible to over-feed melons, as a laxative effect can occur.


Persimmon is one of the most favorite fruits in dogs, but some dogs suffer from indigestion after it. This moment is worth noting with your pet. Fruit should be rid of pits and cut into small pieces.

Berries and Dried Fruits

There are no particularly unsafe berries. The choice of berries depends on the preferences of the dog itself. The average portion of berries for a dog of medium size is 4-8 berries.

Among dried fruits, you should not give the dog prunes and raisins, as experts do not recommend their use, due to the characteristics of digestion in dogs. But dried apricots opposite – you can and even need to give the dog.



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