Can Dogs Eat Pork? Pork is Good or Bad for dog

Sooner or later, any aspiring dog breeder may be puzzled by one very interesting question: is it possible to give a dog pork? We all know from childhood that wolves were the ancestors of dogs. And they did not choose what kind of meat to live. Who was caught, that and ate?

But they were wild animals, and their life expectancy was much less than ours with our pets. And there were many reasons for this: the struggle for leadership, diseases … And very often the diseases were transmitted precisely through the eaten meat of an animal that was affected by the disease.

But now we are buying meat from animals that grow on farms, receive proper care, nutrition and vaccination. Does the ban on feeding dogs with pork remain relevant?

Let’s try to figure out all the pros and cons.

Pork is affected by viruses and parasites more often than other types of meat.

Since pigs grow and gain weight much faster than all other animals, modern pork producers are aimed at providing the population with more of this product. Stimulation of early growth has led to the inhibition of the hormonal system of animals and, as a consequence, the lack of immunity to various diseases.

Pigs are carriers of diseases such as

Helmiozia (worms and parasites affecting the digestive tract).

Toksokaroz (the subspecies of these worms themselves are not so terrible. The larvae they lay inside the body of the animal are terrible. These larvae wander throughout the body and literally eat up all the internal organs from the inside).

Rabies (the disease develops very quickly and leads to the inevitable death of the animal. For humans it is not dangerous).

Chain (a very rare but dangerous disease. It affects the central nervous system and leads to the death of the animal. The initial symptoms are weight loss).

The probability of infection with these diseases when feeding raw pork is 100%. But, if you are still going to give the dog pork, then the pre-frozen meat, boiled in boiling water for at least 60 minutes, will protect your pet from infection.

Poorly digested

If you even give the dog pork, then with a content of not more than 40% of the fat layer. Otherwise, instead of the prescribed 6–7 hours, digestion of food will take as much as 12–15, which puts tremendous strain on the gastrointestinal tract and may further lead to serious illness. The body simply “worn out” ahead of time.

Cholesterol Rises

As far as I know, no studies have been conducted on cholesterol levels in dogs. Therefore, it cannot be argued that it is under the threat of exceeding the cholesterol level that it is not necessary to feed the dog with pork. But studies of human blood have shown that regular consumption of fatty foods leads to an increase in cholesterol levels. However, this concerns not only pork. All foods with a high fat content lead to diseases.

Causes Bloating

The main reason for the bowel movement is active exercise immediately after eating, and not at all that you gave the dog pork.

To avoid this, you need to load a quadruped with physical exertion no earlier than 2 hours after feeding.

Pork is harmful because it is Fatty

Feeding fat pork and bacon is, of course, very harmful. This not only leads to an increase in cholesterol, but also to obesity. However, completely eliminating fats from the dog’s diet is also very harmful. It is fraught with skin diseases, dry skin, hair loss and brittleness of the coat.

What to look for

Ofcourse, absolutely no safe meat. Any meat, before eating it in food, must undergo thermal or low-temperature processing. And not the fact that after this treatment, all parasites will disappear by 100%. But still, the probability of infection is significantly reduced.

And this does not mean that after reading these lines, you and your dog should become vegetarians, and the pork meat is taboo.

Just to protect yourself and your pet, you need to follow some recommendations:

Do not give the dog raw pork and meat offal.

If you still want to pamper your pet, then choose such types of meat as beef, rabbit meat and poultry. But before feeding the tail with raw meat, it is necessary for at least 3 days to freeze the meat in the freezer. Alas, a deep freeze does not guarantee complete security. This applies to both meat and fish.

You can give the dog lean boiled pork and no more than 1-2 times a month.

So, to summarize, I want to note the following. The most important condition – the safety of the pet, you should not trust the myths and rumors about dogs. Feed your pet balanced. Let’s only those products that do not harm the health of four-legged. Treat your furry friend with natural snacks!

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